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We Don't wear Vests!!

We are not your standard Banking firm! AO Consulting specializes in supporting companies with M&A strategy, Corporate Operations and Growth Strategies stemming from personal real-world experience. Knowledge earned from the trenches! And we want to help SMBs achieve their goals.


From evaluating accretive opportunities and establishing an M&A mandate, to working with one of our vetted partners in Sales Development, Legal Corporate Governance, Marketing, Wealth Management, IT, and many other practical fields, we will provide you with the best possible solutions for all of your organizational needs.

Let us help you understand your business's unique positioning & opportunities so that you can achieve continued growth.

New York Office




Sales, Business Development and Corporate Development are all about partnerships, relationships and process. As a former Executive and head of Business Development for multiple firms and as a Co-Founder/CMO for a tech firm, the integration of Operations, Sales and marketing are critical to the overall strategy and functionality of a firm. AO Consulting has the experience necessary to marry the three in a perfect union.



With nearly a decade of experience in strategic M&A Advisory services, AO Consulting can:

Support development of a Strategic Mandate

Identify opportunities for growth & scale

Negotiate Purchase Agreements

Spearhead Seller/Buyer Processes

Support Integration



"Heavy is the head that wears the crown!"

Many people do not recognize how lonely it can be at the top. Whether you are a startup trying to make payroll every two weeks or a seasoned professional trying to scale, it is always helpful to have an advocate, listener and problem solver at your disposal. Lets figure out together how we can get you unstuck. 


A Maverick! As a rare archetype, I have forged an ability to see opportunities across industries, find the uncommon in what others see as common and build synergies across partnerships, companies, teams and processes. Successes? Kevin Hart became a business partner in my tech firm. Companies secured Publicly Traded Companies as clients. Brands captured large swaths of important markets with my advisory support. Organizations turned lackluster clients into Raving Fans.

How? As a former college athlete, Fire fighter & EMT, Business Owner, M&A professional, Development expert and team leader, my skillsets have been forged in the kiln of experience by breaking down theory and turning that into tactical execution. That is the byproduct of nearly three decades of entrepreneurial endeavors and it's what I want to put to work for you, your company and your team!





What Our Clients Say

Brandon is a true advisor - one who looks at the big picture and ultimately understands the business side of small business, especially in the digital/tech world. I would highly recommend Brandon to any business owner seeking guidance on M&A as well as general business growth strategy. If you want to see results with a trusted, strategic team, contact Brandon.

Jeffrey Rum, CEO

Ignite Digital

We had a company approach us about purchasing our business. We engaged with Brandon to guide us through the process. They helped us look at it from every angle and went above and beyond to look out for our needs and help us make the right decision for us. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering buying or selling. Their guidance was critical!!!

Adam Stoker, CEO

Relic Company

David Bowles, CEO


Working with Brandon was fantastic. He helped us understand the ins and outs of the business, to narrow down specifically what we were looking for, giving us a peace of mind we rarely get from working with other consultants. Brandon was tenacious in his efforts. He handled all the "leg work" with prospects so that by the time we had the meeting, the skids were already greased and ready for us to talk business. This is extremely important if you are a business leader/owner. Overall, I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking for smart, driven consultants who get results!
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