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Brandon Miller

Investment Banking & Corporate Strategy

With nearly a decade of M&A experience at a local Investment Banking Firm, and as a former Co-Owner of a tech startup with Kevin Hart (yes, that one), Marketing, Operations, Partnerships, Corporate Development and growth strategy skills were hard-earned in the arena of experience and real-world execution. Empathy, observation, strategy and accomplishing BHAG's one step at a time are my specialty. Think outside the box or get trapped inside it!  



Cory Luckett

Websites & Digital Marketing

Passionate about business and marketing strategy, creating brand strategy and building marketing plans to grow and scale organizations. I love building community, teammates, and relationships that support growth, learning and fun! Creating brand and product awareness and increasing market share through creating and implementing a strategic vision. Passionate about creating and managing open and collaborative team culture and relationships in the workplace.

(301) 704-2267


Mario Zumbo

Wealth Management

Drawing on a successful career at Goldman Sachs, I decided to dedicate myself to building a modern wealth management firm that caters to a select group of like-minded clients. I help founders, entrepreneurs and business owners throughout all parts of their business lifecycle and can add particular value for those planning for an exit or successful transition into retirement. I quarterback your entire financial life to properly structure and execute a plan to mitigate estate and income taxes, optimize investments and work to achieve the ultimate goal – peace of mind and financial freedom.

(410) 274-1410

Bob Stoneking

Chief Growth Advisor

Experience shared with incredible partners over thirty years helps Bob drive change faster than most.  He’s held executive, consultant, and advisor positions in public and private sector settings.  Central to his success is Bob’s ability to focus cross-functional teams on the underlying needs of each other.

(301) 518-0971


Paul Schwinn

Corporate Governance & Legal

When asked about Paul Schwinn, clients most often comment on his demeanor, his responsiveness and his business-minded approach to legal issues and opportunities. Working with clients across a wide range of industries, including technology, hospitality (including restaurants), oil and gas, biotech and government contracts, Paul provides counsel on a wide variety of transaction structures commonly utilized in such industries. Clients view him as an all-around business and legal advisor.

(301) 945-9278

Mike Rolfes

Technology Due Diligence

With 25 years of experience in the IT industry, I have a unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen that enables me to understand and address the technology needs and challenges of various organizations. My core competencies technology M&A Due Diligence audits, CRM, application development, integration, legacy modernization, and mobile solutions, with a focus on Microsoft technologies and platforms. My mission is to listen, learn, and collaborate with our clients, and to empower them with the best software solutions for their organization.

(443) 985-0449

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